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Life is not always what we want it to be. We fight. We cry. And sometimes, we give up. But in our hearts, we know it’s still love.

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Swim, let nature cleanse your heart; read, let the words warmyour stillness; keep a raise, let free conditioning your exhaustion; put out of your mind, let things. Fun, let laughteraround your heart; sing, let the song express your memories; let a let, let pass to retain your tolerance; say, let you unlock your doubts; look, let the distance from your hope.游一游,让自然荡涤你的心胸;读一读,让文字温馨你的沉静;养一养,让清闲调理你的疲惫;放一放,让琐事跳出你的脑海.乐一乐,让笑语缠住你的心窝;唱一唱,让歌声表达你的回忆;让一让,让狭路留住你的宽容;说一说,让知己解开你的疑惑;望一望,让远方捎来你的希望.

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